Going to the doctor in the USA

What’s up readers? How is everything?

I completely forgot to write about something that happened to me 3 months ago or less, and I definitely should share with you. I had to go to the doctor and I used my insurance for the first time.

** I’m working for APIA (Au Pair in America), so my insurance is the CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International). I’m writing about this one, okay? **

I know many of you have questions about it, like how to use it, when, what will be covered , what I have to do, and bla bla bla.
A friend of mine had to go to the doctor as well, so she did and she gave me all the tips about how to use the insurance since we have the same one.

First I accessed the site of the insurance and looked for a doctor that I needed, and I wanted someone close to my house because it was convenient to me, anyway. They usually have a list of doctors who work with the insurance.

I made the appointment. Just make sure to confirm if the doctor works with the insurance that you have.

You have to know that the insurance will cover you only if it is an emergency, they don’t cover any routine check up, so, when you make an appointment, be clear and let them know that it is an emergency.

In my case I suspected that I had an urine infection, it wasn’t that bad, but I was concerned about it, so I used that as an excuse to go to the gynecologist and he made a check up. He didn’t do any blood test or anything, since he said that everything was okay, apparently, but he prescribed me a medication. I bought it in CVS and the insurance paid me back. He said if I wanted to do a blood test I would have to pay, but my friend didn’t pay anything and her doctor did all the recommended tests, anyway…

After a couple of days you will receive the bills. I actually didn’t wait for the bills arrive, I sent them the claim form the day after I went to the doctor. You will find this form in the insurance site or APIA will provide it to you, but would be this one > Claim_form.
I filled it and sent it with the bill of the medication that I bought, and a couple of days right after that, I received a check with the same amount of that bill. 🙂 easy, easy! I didn’t pay for anything!

And if you want to do a routine check up, like blood tests, I heard good things about Planned Parenthood, they provide community health care, just check it out. I mostly recommend it for woman’s health care. I haven’t try, but some au pairs went in their saying that they didn’t have insurance or even proving that they don’t have conditions to pay for the service and they didn’t pay anything, so, maybe you can try.

Well, any question about it, let me know.