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Will I be a good au pair?


I just watched the movie “The Nanny Diaries” with Scarlett Johansson, and more than ever, I saw myself on Annie Braddock’s (Scarlett Johansson) skin. I’ve watched that movie a thousand of times and now that I’m going to be an au pair, definitely everything sounds so familiar, but hopefully my host family won’t be that kind of family, please God, no! I mean, we know there are so many families like that, rich, selfish, with a lot of problems hiring nannies, au pairs or whoever to take care of their kids, so, future au pairs be careful choosing your host family and be prepared to face any kind of situation!

But, what I want to say is how you have to be aware with your kids in every single moment, in every single word you say, and the way you’re going to treat them is very important, even they’re not your family and even it’s not your job to educate them, they’re kids and definitely they need your total attention and dedication.

I think Annie Braddock made a good job, haha, I mean, I was wondering if I will be a good nanny for my kids as she was in the movie! I know, it’s a movie, duh, but I really want to be good for them, I’m worried about that, I don’t know, for me (in my opinion) now, being an au pair it’s not just about an exchange program, learning english, living new experiences, having fun, we are talking about children and want or not, we are nannies!!! 🙂 and definitely you have to like kids, love being with them, in good or bad moments, if you don’t, sorry, you’re in the wrong exchange program.

In my case, I confess, I didn’t choose this exchange program because of the job with kids, let’s be honest, I think nobody chooses to be an au pair because of the real job, the real purpose which is taking care of kids… ok, I won’t generalize, but that’s truth guys… I always liked them, but I realized how I LOVE children when I spent my time in a daycare (to get the necessary hours of experience with kids to apply into this program), surrounding by a lot of them, every single day! It was amazing! From that moment I’ve truly started to think of this program as a great way to experience something good with them, with more passion and dedication for this work, specially when you watch that kind of movie, you’re certainly going to think more about that! 🙂

Grayer: When I grow up, I want to have enough money to build the real castle. 
Annie Braddock: Just remember, Grove, that money can’t buy love. 
Grayer: But mommy pays you money, and I love you!
From The Nanny Diaries

* Love the part when she says:

Annie Braddock: You want to know about the dads? I’ll tell you about the dads. They’re chubby, bald, steak-eating, cigar-smoking, type-A pigs who get more turned on by the Bloomberg Wire than they do by any hot nannies. Actually, it’s all of you in about 5 years. So take it from me, guys: Enjoy tonight, because your future looks pretty fucking bleak.
From The Nanny Diaries

Oh, I forgot to mention… and I hope to have a “Harvard hottie guy” in my au pair life! 🙂 #ahmává

Soooo, if you didn’t watch it, do it! It’s pretty cute!

The Nanny Diaries.

And probably everything I wrote here will be forgotten by myself or I will change my mind about some things, about some points of view when I get there, but hopefully not! 🙂 hahahaha… let’s see!

And just to let you know, Luiza Oliveira suggested to me to write in English, so, there you go! 🙂