Being a Volunteer

Hey readers, how’s life?

Quick post today… just a nice tip for you, who is looking for something interesting to do in your free time or whatever.

I’ve been volunteering since I got the U.S. and in my opinion, it’s a nice way to keep your mind busy and productive.

I usually volunteer in festivals, especially beer festivals. 🙂

Those events happen on weekends, so it’s easier to make it. I love beer, so I always have fun and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and to improve your English as well. There are lots of events going on during the year, especially during the Summer. You just need to sign up for the event as a volunteer, and that’s it. I mean, first, check if there is a volunteer section going on, of course.

I’ve been volunteering for the Project DC Events, my first one was the Neon Drink On. There was the  Summerfest DC, and my last one was last weekend, the Drink the World Beer Festival. I usually volunteer to pour beer, you don’t need any special skill for that, but there are other sections to work for. I end up learning about beer and that’s awesome. 🙂

How do I know about those events and festivals? Well, on Facebook you always find something to do, or the advertisements will find you! haha
I was about to buy the ticket to go to the Neon Drink On, but I saw the volunteer section in the website and voilà, I signed up and got free entree for the event. Usually those festivals have 2 waves, in the afternoon and another in the evening, so I sign up for the afternoon and then I can enjoy the evening wave, for free, it’s a great deal. 🙂

Also I sign up to volunteer at the Alexandria Little Theatre for the set construction, I’m very excited about it.

I try to pick volunteering jobs in the areas that are interesting for me, this way is always a pleasure to do it. You can volunteer at the church close to your house, in the Pet store, or even teaching your native language to americans, there are a bunch of places that you can go offering your help.

There is this website https://www.volunteermatch.org, where you can find places that need your help. 😉

Any question about it… let me know!