Dica de lugares

Tip of the Day

Hey beautiful people,

Today’s tip is a restaurant, of course… if you don’t know, I love to eat!

Flying Fish is the right place for who appreciate sushi and seafood!

It’s located in Alexandria, VA (my lovely city), in the most famous street called King Street.

Trust me, since I got here, this is the only place that I’ve tried the best sushi ever compared to the ones in Brasil, but still in my opinion none in here is as better as in there! 🙂 aaaanyway… it’s not a cheap restaurant, but it’s absolutely affordable and worth.

The best Edamame is in there! 😉 I’m addicted to it and the Salmon Lover is one of my favorites. 🙂

On Thursdays they have Karaoke and it’s always so much fun, you should check it out!