One year and 9 months… and lots of bla bla bla.

Hello people, how are you doing?

Well, it’s autumn now and it’s getting cold, actually we are living a weird weather so far, cause we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, cold, warm day or snow, who knows? But the truth is: this is the most lovely season ever. All the trees changing its colors, leaves falling down, streets covered by yellow, orange, brown, red ones. It’s simply beautiful!!!

Anyway… I haven’t written for a while, and now it’s hard to tell you guys in details what happened, I always do that and I apologize for that though, because more than ever now, I do have time to devote myself to my blog, because I’m not sure if I mentioned my little one is going to school, so I have free time from 11am to 2pm, what’s not bad at all, but the thing is, I’ve been distracted by something else, like, I’m learning guitar by myself, that takes my time quite a bit, I mean, I’m trying to get my mind busy you know, because I finished my online course, the UCLA (University of California Los Angeles, which I wrote about it.) and now I’m working on other plans, and I will let you know as soon as I get there. 😉

By the way, I’m so freaking excited because you guys are amazing, more than 100.000 visitors??? What the fuck? That’s a great accomplishment! Thank you so much!!!

I try to help you all, answering your questions by email, comments, whatever, and I apologize if I didn’t, but you’re more than welcome to write me and I’ll work hard to get you back. 😉

I took my last week of vacations on August, and I didn’t post about it, but I will because I have some tips that can help some of you. I went to Miami, Florida, and to Key West and Cozumel in a cruise, the Carnival Ecstasy, I definitely recommend it. 😉

I went to NYC again, I will never get enough of that city, it’s always amazing being in there, but I say, I would never live in there, too much crazy for me, everyday, all the time, that city never sleep indeed.


Halloween just happened and it was awesome, and I can’t believe that one more Halloween has gone.

And I have to tell you… save this date November 11th!!! It’s Veterans Day, and this year was amazing! There was this concert called The Concert for Valor, to “honor the courage and sacrifice of veterans, active duty service members and their families.”. They brought a lot of artists to this concert, like The Black Keys, Rihanna, Eminem, Metallica, Zac Brown Band, Carrie Underwood, Dave Grohl, Jessie J, Jamie Foxx, Meryl Strip, Black Jack, Bryan Cranston and more, all for free. It was at National Mall, and it was crowd, very crowd. I got off earlier to go, but I still got in there too late, there was no more space, haha, so next year, if it happens again, I’ll definitely get there earlier! It’s completely worth.




Well, that’s all people, let me know if you have any topic that you would like me to write about, or any question alright?

See you soon,



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