Renewing my driver’s license

Hey there, what’s up?

This is a short post about how to renew your driver’s license, but remember, I’m talking about a Virginia’s DL.

My DL was about to expire on Feb. 24th, so I went to the closest DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles of VA) exactly on that day. 🙂

I was kind of lost about what documents I should take with me, I tried to look for information on the DMV website, but I didn’t find anything similar, so I asked my LCC and she gave me all the instructions and it did work!

First of all, you don’t need to take any test again, it’s just about renewing information.

I took:
– expired DL
– new DS 2019 (because I extended so, you need that document)
– passport
… and they took another photo.

No, I didn’t take any proof of address (when you take your first DL they require that, so…).

They gave me a paper (a temporary DL), and in less than a week, in 4 days I think I received it by mail.

It was easy, super fast but it costs 20 $!!! So, take some money with you too! 😉



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