Potty training time

Hi people, how are you doing?

Potty training – I don’t know if you know what this means, but some au pairs just freak out when they listen that it’s time to potty training their kids. That means it’s time to teach the kid how to use the potty, the bathroom, how to poop and pee in the toilet, and that, my friend, is definitely an issue.

It happened to me. I take care of a little girl, she is 2.5 yo now, but her mom told me last year, when she just turned 2 yo that we would start potty training her. That was in November or something, and at that moment I thought: “Shit! She is only 2, mothatfucka! How am I going to do that? Fuck!”. Well, I tried. She used to have her own little potty and another one that we put over the adult toilet. It was pretty hard, she was afraid of the potty, she cried when I tried to put her on the potty and I lost my patience easily, so I just gave up. I talked to her mom and she simply said: “She is not ready!”.

I kept trying. At least I used to try to put her sitting on her potty, just to get her use to it, but it wasn’t working, she cried a lot. Her mom bought books about potty training, movies, cartoons, she used to encourage her daughter to use the potty as well, and that’s very important, of course, it not only depends on you, it’s essential the parental involvement too, anyway, it didn’t work.

After this, my host told me: “Aline, next year, she has to get it!”. “Of course, it looks like easy when you say that.”, I thought.  So, in January I decided to take her diapers off, I tried for one week. Nope… it didn’t work, lots of accidents, dirty clothes, au pair getting crazy, zero patience, she keep crying a lot and bla bla bla.

Everybody used to say: “Every time she goes to the potty, you give her a treat, something that she really likes.”. Nope… that didn’t work with my baby.

So, one day I said to her: “M, let’s put some stickers on your potty, to make it more beautiful!”. And YES! She liked the idea! Every time she used the potty, she was going to get a sticker to put on her potty, that was the deal. She started to sit on her potty, but of course, that doesn’t mean that she used the potty properly, that was a good start though.

One more week without diapers. Accidents, of course, BUT, yes! NO more whimpers and one pee on the potty!!!

On February, she started using her potty, we needed to put her on it, for sure, some times we needed to guess if she wanted to go to the potty or not, but she got it ! 🙂 and it took a while for her to realize her needs, but nowadays, she is using the potty that we put over the adult toilet, she knows that she needs to go to the potty, and she asks us: “I need to go poo!”.
And the best part is, she is using pull-ups (kind of a diaper) at night (honestly I don’t like that, but her mom prefers to keep like that) and she doesn’t pee or poop at all during the night, but her brother (6yo) still use that shit and yes, he pees on it almost every night!!! Anyway…

I know… sounds tough right? It was for me, it depends on the kid, we just need to respect their time and that’s it.

Good luck if you’re on this way. 😉



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