I’m back!

Hey people, how’s everything?

Well, I know I’ve been vanished, and there are no excuses for that, I mean, I’ve been working a lot, but if I say that I have no time to post in here, it’s not true. I confess I got a little bit tired of my blog, and the laziness has pushed me down. Tonight I’m pretty inspired and I just decided that my blog has to continue though, you guys have made this space a precious thing to me. I just can’t give up on something that it’s really working! And I’m fucking glad that this blog has been such a good helper for some of you, I still receive e-mails and comments and that’s why I came back, because of you! 🙂

And I don’t know if you guys approve that I write in English rather than in Portuguese, not saying that my English is perfect, not at all, but it’s good to practice! 🙂 anyway, let’s start it…

Wow, actually I haven’t written in here since last October, shame on me! I have so many things to tell you! I’m not sure if I will be able to summarize everything right now, and I think it won’t be a good idea, because it’s not fresh in mind anymore, I wish I could give you details and bla bla bla. So, just to let you know, I enjoyed all the special events, the traditional ones I mean (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve).

My Halloween was kind of crazy, a lot of parties, everybody in costumes, pumpkins, super cool. Def one of my favorites.

Thanksgiving was awesome as well, I didn’t spend it with my host family, but I had a special moment and a fucking delicious dinner made by my amazing friend Camila Robéria. 🙂

After that, a short road trip to Boston… fucking amazing as always… my Wonderland! ❤

The first snow man and snow angel…

The new best toy ever…

IMG_4728And… Christmas time! Everywhere is lovely, so amazing… they are use to celebrating on Dec. 25th, americans don’t have Christmas Eve like us, so my girls and I had such an amazing dinner on Dec. 24th and we changed gifts that night! 🙂 And I can’t complain about my gifts from my host, she rocked my world that Christmas morning! 🙂

And then the catastrophe… I got my last week of vacations in the same week of the New Year’s Eve! I couldn’t plan anything, I didn’t travel, everything was so fucking expensive, but I had such a good time, relaxing, resting… and my girls and I spent the New Year’s Eve in Baltimore-MD. Super cool, show de bola, amazing! 🙂

Well done! I made it! 🙂

Now my year is starting again, I’m happy, tired, but happy… I think I haven’t mentioned, I will extend in here with the same family, when I made my decision it was hard to change and move on, I’m not regret, but I’d rather think better about it now. Anyway… I already have a lot to tell you about this year, I can’t wait…

Oh, I got all the credits that I needed to finish my first year, but the last course that I took was awful, I really didn’t like it. It was an ESL course in VIU (Virginia International University), I really got disappointed, but anyway, I got the credits.
This year I will take a course in my area and then I will be happy! haha 🙂

See you, and any question, just let me know. 😉



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  1. Que bom que voltou, senti falta de todo bla bla bla hehe. Fico feliz que esteja se divertindo e triste por não ter gostado do seu curso, espero que esse te faça feliz.
    Não fique mais tanto tempo sem postar, doidinha! *-*

    Ps: Eu acho uma boa você escrever em inglês porque a sua escrita é despretensiosa e engraçada, é um bom modo de praticar por esses lados também. 🙂

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