Let’s start talking in English!

Ok people, I wanna make a promise now, before the end of 2012!!!

Next year, I really wanna try to post everything in English here, I think it’s a nice way to improve my English and yours as well! So, let’s do it!

Actually when I started my blog I was thinking to do it all in English, but the laziness got me! So, I’ve been writing in portuguese so far… it’s easier, right?!

I know sounds tough, a hard mission, but I think it’s gonna work! And if you are understanding til now, that’s a great new!

And just to let you know, my English is not perfect at all, I’m just trying to practice, but it’s not that bad as well! =] for sure I’m gonna make some mistakes, but let’s try it! And if you see some of them, please! let me know, I’ll appreciate if we do that all together!

Sometimes I feel so lazy to read in English, and I know you too!!! 

If you’re thinking “of course not, this never happens to me, I love the English language!”

Ok! I love it as well, but come on! Sometimes it’s pretty sucks…

Our brain needs an extra “power” to do that, specially when we are tired or bored or something! But my posts are usually short, so, you’re not gonna have problems with that, I promise!

That’s all folks!



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